The trial operation of Bali Xindi Commercial Plaza kicks off, and hundreds of Mercedes-Benz greet them

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        December 24, 2016 is a special and grand day! Not only because this day is Christmas Eve, a traditional Western holiday, but also because on this day Bali Xindi Commercial Plaza officially opened for trial operation! For Fangli Group, there is a new bright spot in the strategic layout! For Bali Xindi Commercial Plaza, it is also a historic moment, because this is the first day that Bali Xindi officially meets the citizens after careful preparation! The "Slow Life" of Southeast Asia has officially set off!

        On the day of the trial operation, there was a surging crowd in the mall. The citizens were full of curiosity and enthusiasm for the smart city commercial complex with characteristics of Bali Xindi Machinery. At around 11 o’clock that day, the Gift supermarket on the first floor was already occupied by customers. The “Xiangdangdang Amusement Park” on the third floor was also a favorite place for children. According to statistics, the “Barbecue King Seafood Buffet” on the fourth floor was two days before the trial operation. More than 1,300 tickets were sold, and the meals on the spot were extremely popular.

        On the evening of 12.24, in response to the official trial opening of Bali Xindi Commercial Plaza, Ningbo "C-Class" Big Ben Club gathered at Bali Xindi Wai Plaza to join in and cheer for Bali Xindi. The scene continues to attract passers-by from the surrounding area to watch and take pictures.

        The whole Bali Xindi was surrounded by the blue ocean that night, and the spiritual fortress of Bali Xindi standing in the outer square transformed into the largest "coconut tree" in Ningbo. Against the backdrop of the "blue ocean", it is particularly dazzling and eye-catching. Bali Xindi Commercial Plaza will illuminate the entire Yinzhou District from now on, and a new commercial circle in Yinzhou District will be born! We have enough reasons to look forward to the future of Bali Xindi Commercial Plaza to write a new chapter in the commercial complex!