Fangli Group successfully launched the health and wellness industry-the grand opening of the Thai Emperor Bali Xindi Store

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        In 2018, Royal Seal of Thailand and Ningbo Fangli Group reached a strategic cooperation. Fangli Group established "Ningbo Bali Impression Health Management Company" to operate Royal Seal of Thailand brand. The 27-year-old Fangli brand and the 15-year Thai royal seal brand. Since then, the Thai royal seal has become a part of Fang Li, and Fang Li has also become a part of the Thai royal seal. The cooperation between the strong and the strong also indicates that the rapid expansion of the Royal Seal Zhejiang region is bound to win and the brilliant start of our Ningbo Fangli Group in the commercial brand development industry.

        In July this year, the Royal Seal of Thailand held a grand opening ceremony and officially announced its opening. The Royal Thai Bali Xindi store, with an area of 2600 square meters and the size of the global flagship store, is perfectly displayed in front of us. The Royal Thai Bali Xindi store not only has a high-end brand positioning, but also has a design and decoration positioning in Southeast Asia and imported Thai furniture. The soft decoration layout and authentic Thai massage regimen have achieved the uniqueness and uniqueness of the massage and health care industry in the Ningbo market at present, with more personalized, considerate and professional services, and the environment of petty bourgeoisie and luxury believes in Thai Emperor Xiba The Lixindi store must be a popular lifestyle among consumers.

        To this day, I still want to thank our team of employees of Fangli Group, Bali Impression, and Royal Seal Bali Xindi Store. Your high degree of work enthusiasm, high work spirit, and hard work attitude have successfully completed the Royal Seal of Thailand. The construction and preparation tasks of Bali Xindi Store, the company is proud of having a team like you!

        The Bali Xindi flagship store of the Royal Seal of Thailand has gone from scratch, and the final result is built by everyone's sweat. This is the first time that the Royal Seal of Thailand has entered Ningbo, and it is also an important step for the Royal Seal of Thailand to expand its territory in China. In the future, Fangli will join hands with the Royal Seal of Thailand to lighten the brand in Zhejiang and even every region of the country.