Anti-Taiwan and flood prevention, stick to you

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        This year's No. 9 super typhoon "Lichma" made landfall on the coast of Zhejiang on the night of September 9, 2019. After the typhoon warning, all the staff of Bali Xindi Property were on guard, "We are not afraid of typhoons, let alone typhoons."

        After the typhoon, the basement of the surrounding community was flooded with water. The basement of Bali Xindi was clean, without a piece of water, and no vehicle was lost. After the typhoon, a large area of greenery in the surrounding community was blown down. Only two young young trees were blown down in the Yayuan residence. After the typhoon, the surrounding communities flooded with water, but Bali Xindi and Batiya Court were as clean as ever.

        Strong wind overnight, heavy rain overnight. As the real estate owner of Bali Xindi, we have made complete preparations, rebuilding after the disaster, and we are united. Water leaks in the owner's home, and the residential customer service and cleaning staff cooperate with each other to clean up at the first time. The fallen tree was repaired by the orderer and engineering staff. All roads, grasslands, and dead ends after the stagnant water have passed are disinfected. The cleaning staff carefully cleaned the debris that was blown off by the typhoon, and the repairmen carefully repaired the broken signs. Every move reveals the spirit of "Serving you wholeheartedly".

        Not afraid of hardship and tiredness, always charge on the front line of anti-Taiwan flood prevention, using practical actions to fulfill the promise of "not forgetting the original intention and serving the people". This super typhoon inspires the fighting spirit of all Bali Xindi property personnel, from security personnel to customer service personnel, from engineering to management, and also inspires a connection between the owners and the property. Although all in sweat and mud and wind and rain, they always believed that there was nothing wrong with resisting Taiwan.

        Hereby express.

Ningbo Bali Xindi Property Service Co., Ltd.
September 10, 2019