Ningbo Bali Holiday Hotel is included in the designated venue for the 2020-2021 Ningbo Party and government organs meeting

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        After two or three months of intensive preparation, we looked up in the shortlist of Ningbo Purchasing Center with a nervous mood, and finally saw the name of our hotel.

        At 9:30 a.m. on December 12, 2019, the contract was signed in the bid opening room 1, the fourth floor of Ningbo Administrative Service Center. Ms. Chen Ping, assistant to general manager and marketing director of the hotel, received good news from the administrative service center. Ningbo Bali Holiday Hotel successfully won the bid in the “2020-2021 Provincial Party and Government Organization Meeting Designated Hotel Government Bidding and Procurement Project”. Li Holiday Hotel has won the bid for the project for the first time since its opening.

        In the past year, Bali Holiday Hotel has continuously strengthened its own construction, improved internal management, and improved service quality. On the basis of good internal reception services, it has actively explored external markets, increased operating income, and maintained a stable and good industry development level. Widely acclaimed from all walks of life. After receiving the bidding announcement of designated hotels, Ningbo Bali Holiday Hotel attached great importance to it, and analyzed and responded to the quotations, services, qualifications, and bid making requirements of the announcement one by one. And take the bidding process as an opportunity to further improve and strengthen the hardware and service standards in the lobby, catering, conferences, guest rooms, and public areas in the bidding advertisement. After more than one month of meticulous preparations, on November 26, it participated in an on-site bidding at the Ningbo Administrative Service Center, prepared and standardized tender documents with good conditions, and successfully passed the expert evaluation.

        It is understood that more than 300 hotels in the province have signed up for this bidding. After signing the contract, the winning bidder will formally have the qualifications of designated hotels for meetings of provincial party and government agencies. In the next two years, meetings of provincial party and government agencies will be selected among the winning hotels, which will positively promote the improvement of the service level and operating effect of Ningbo Bali Holiday Hotel.

        In the future, Ningbo Bali Holiday Hotel Co., Ltd. will comprehensively improve hotel service levels and employee business quality, promote service standardization, standardization, and quality, improve customer satisfaction and market competitiveness, and provide professional services to Ningbo party and government agencies and all sectors of society Establish a reputation as a new hotel brand. Ningbo Bali Holiday Hotel Co., Ltd. will also further optimize and upgrade business hotels, and strive to build the most professional, powerful and valuable hotel investment management benchmark enterprise in Ningbo.